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22.02.2015 - The new "Black Ball" from GKN Walterscheid

New: The “Black Ball” from GKN Walterscheid

GKN Walterscheid has introduced a new Heavy Duty Ball Bush for particularly intensive operating conditions such as soil tillage for example. The new Ball Bush is characterised by extremely high requirements with regard to material and manufacturing processes, thus offering increased safety and durability during practical operation – also under most challenging conditions.
For the production of the so-called GKN Walterscheid “Black Ball”, only top-quality materials are used. Therefore, Chrome-alloyed bearing steel is utilised as base material which then is refined in a specific heat treatment process and protected against rust with a cathodic dip-coating. During this manufacturing process, also the typical black colour of the high-quality coating develops. The new “Black Ball” is available via the GKN specialised trade with immediate effect.

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24.03.2014 - New KU346 hitch frame series for the "big ones"

New KU346 hitch frame series from Walterscheid

provides sufficient space for Cat. 4 PTO drive shafts – New 389 millimetre spread – Interchangeable drawbar permits use of various hitch systems Against the backdrop of increasing tractor outputs and the growing use of Cat. 4 PTO drive shafts, GKN Walterscheid now offers a hitch frame series for the back of the tractor that has been optimised to suit these demands.Previous hitch frames were based on a spread of 310 to 336 millimetres. According to ISO 500, however, a clearance of 360 millimetres for the PTO is prescribed for Cat. 4 PTO drive shafts. This necessitates a spread of 390 millimetres. The KU346 hitch frame series offered by Walterscheid is one of the first solutions to meet these new standard specifications. Sufficient space is thus also available for attaching larger PTO drive shafts. This provides added safety and greater convenience when using wide-angle joints.

Flexible conversion to different hitch systems

Several different versions are available, e.g. the Type KU346L (long), the Type KU346KK (frame with permanently integrated ball) and the Type KU346F (piton-fix). A wide variety of hitch systems can be used with these models. Despite the greater width, the hitch frames of the KU346 series are capable of transmitting high vertical loads and complying with performance values without the inner slider becoming significantly heavier. This was primarily achieved by using forgings and forging technologies.

The new KU346 hitch frame series is available for tractors of the John Deere 7R series. Other hitch frame series with the new spread of 389 millimetres are additionally available for also converting older tractors.