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The name Walterscheid in inseparably linked to the development of agritechnical engineering. Technology has played an ever-increasing role in farming since the company was founded by Jean Walterscheid in 1919. Walterscheid has not simply accompanied this change, but made decisive contributions to it - in the form of revolutionary new developments with a worldwide impact.

The road taken by GKN Walterscheid GmbH to becoming the world's leading supplier of agritechnical driveline and attachment systems is characterised by innovations and a consistent focus on international markets.

Being integrated in a major, international group of companies, we can serve our customers as an efficient and dependable partner in the long term as the concentration process in agritechnical engineering continues: Walterscheid is part of the international GKN Group, based in Birmingham/UK. With almost 50,000 employees and annual sales of 6.7 billion euros, GKN is present in 40 countries, making it a strong partner for our strategy:

Think global - Act local!

A constant dialogue with the farming community all over the world is the basis for practice-oriented product developments and services tailored to the specific needs of farmers in every agricultural region in the world.